our purpose & approach


we're here to deliver programmes that make a lasting positive impact on our players and our community.

the infinity mission


We've partnered with Kapiti Coast United to bring high quality football programmes to the Kapiti Coast in 2021.  Our goal is to use these programmes as an opportunity to develop, support and empower our players on and off the field.

That's because we've seen the way that football can be used as a tool to make a lasting positive impact on young people. By nurturing a passion for football, our players become highly engaged in learning and personal development.  Our coaches are able promote habits and values which will enable players to succeed on the football field - things like humility, perseverance and purpose through goal setting. Those habits and values then translate to real life: for example a player who brings a strong work ethic to their football is more likely to bring a strong work ethic to their school studies.

We've also seen the way football brings people together. Football, football clubs and football teams provide a common link between people and an opportunity to come together for games and events.  We will be working collaboratively with KCU to build the club into a hub that brings the Kapiti community together.

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the infinity difference

professional coaching


Infinity programmes are delivered by experienced and qualified coaches.  Our coaches are passionate about building a love for the game and making a positive impact on their players through high quality programme delivery.


We also run coach development initiatives to educate and support volunteer and parent coaches, to help them be the best they can be.

holistic, values based approach

As described above, our coaching is delivered in a way that emphasises positive values and habits which are transferrable across all aspects of life. Our coaches are interested in developing programme participants into good people first and good footballers second.

We will be building on this with a player mentoring programme and through football education sessions (delivering sessions on topics like fitness, athletics, health, sports science, nutrition).

exceptional administration


It's not just the on-field experience that's important. We want to provide a great user experience behind the scenes too - things like easy to use registration systems, comprehensive and responsive communication, and great community engagement.

We're bringing together a team of specialists to ensure that every aspect of your experience with Infinity is a positive one.

community focussed


We're inclusive. We aim to offer people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play, coach, referee and support football. We aim to keep registration fees affordable and provide support for those in need.

We also aim to have a strong community presence.  We'll be attending and hosting community events, building relationships with other community organisations, and proactively engaging with our community.