goalkeeping clinic

Goal keeper is a fun, important and highly specialised position in football, but one that is often neglected.

This programme is designed to introduce young football players to exercises and drills that will help improve their goal keeping skills, and help them fall in love the with the position.​

The programme is open to players in grades 9 - 12 (i.e. turning age 9 - 12 in 2021) of all abilities. Join in - whether just to give 'keeping a go or as something to pursue more seriously!

key details - term 3



Wednesday 5 August - Wednesday 26 August 2021




5pm - 6pm




Weka Park




$40 for the term  (4 sessions)

registration / eligibility


Fun, interactive goalkeeper-specific trainings will cover skills like:

  • Diving saves

  • Hand distribution

  • Tipping & parrying

  • Organising the defense

  • Footwork mobility

  • Angle play & positioning

  • Goal kicks

  • Breakaway saves

  • Dead ball situations​

The programme will be led by Crawford Plenderleith - a qualified and highly experienced goal keeper coach.