Our football development programme is designed to provide players who are passionate about football with more opportunities to train and play in a fun and professional environment. 


The programme offers:

  • two trainings each week, plus other game and development opportunities;​

  • a structured and enjoyable training curriculum;

  • a single, consistent environment, that engages and challenges players;

  • friendly, professional and qualified coaches; and

  • a clear pathway from junior to senior football.

Our 2021 programme is open to players in grades 9 and 10 in 2021 (i.e. players who turn 9 or 10 in the 2021 calendar year).  We will be expanding to new age groups over time.

The programme is inclusive.  It’s for

  1. those players who wish to trial for and participate in the 10th grade KCU Premier League team (register your interest and then attend our ‘allocation days’ to be eligible for placement into that team) and

  2. all KCU 9th and 10th grade players who wish to participate in a high quality training programme (register your interest and then attend our ‘allocation days’ and be placed in a KCU local league team with others participating in the programme).


Players participating in the programme will two trainings each week plus games on Saturdays (in the KCU team you are placed in).  Trainings will be delivered by a professional coaching team based on a structured and fun curriculum.

Find out more below.

infinity football development programme

programme schedule



  • The training programme runs from Monday 22nd March to Thursday 26th August.

  • The Capital Football winter season (i.e. games) starts on Saturday 10th April and finishes Saturday 28th August.

  • No trainings during the school holidays or on public holidays. 

Days and times


  • Trainings are held on Mondays & Thursdays

  • 5:15pm - 6:25pm​


Trainings are held at Mazengarb Park (on the main field, under the lights beside the pavilion and container).



Players are expected to wear the Infinity training kit (shirt, shorts and socks) to all trainings​​.


You can order the kit on the "gear" page of our website here.


We have a training kit for the programme for a number of reasons:

  • it provides consistency and builds a sense of team on the training field and between squads;

  • it sets the scene - players are expected to behave and train according to the Infinity values and rules whenever wearing the kit;


  • it makes it easier for coaches to create clearly identifiable teams within training sessions (vs mixed colours); and


  • it provides an alternative playing strip if one is required.

registration / eligibility


  • All players in grades 9 and 10 in 2021 (i.e. players who turn 9 or 10 in the 2021 calendar year) are welcome to register.

  • We are inclusive: all players who register will be able to participate in the training programme. 

  • Our "allocation days" will be used to place players in a team for weekend games. 

    • 10th grade is streamed. Players will be​ placed into either a KCU Premier League team or a KCU local league team.

    • 9th grade is non-streamed.  Players will be placed into a KCU local league team.

  • Allocation days will be held on Monday 22 February and Thursday 25 February at Mazengarb Park:

    • 9th grade: 4pm - 5:10pm​

    • 10th grade: 5:30pm - 6:40pm

  • Trainings during the season will then involve a mixture of full group sessions (i.e. all players (of the same grade) will train in one group) and team sessions (i.e. players will train as their weekend team).

  • We'll be providing those who register their interest a full information pack - covering things like what will happen at the allocation days, our coaching style, how trainings and game days work, etc - prior to the allocation days.



The cost of the programme is $360 for the full season (i.e. 22 March to 26 August).  This amount will be invoiced to you once team allocations have been completed, and can be paid in installments.

frequently asked questions

What team do I play in for games in the weekend?

Players who participate in the Football Development Programme will:

  • play for the KCU Premier League team (grade 10 only); or
  • play for a KCU local league team.
​Players can indicate whether they have a preference for either option. Players that indicate they wish to trial for the Premier League team, but are not selected, will be allocated to a local league team. They will also receive feedback on why they were not placed in the Premier League team.

Do players train as one large group or as their weekend match-day team?

We have a varied coaching approach in the junior age group. This means players will sometimes train all together as an age group, sometimes they will train separately in their weekend team group, and sometimes a bit of both. We take this approach to:

  • mix up challenge levels
  • increase the social experience
  • focus on individual skill work
  • expose players to different coaches
  • provide opportunity together as a team

What is involved at the Infinity allocation days?

All players registered to the Infinity training programme are expected to attend the allocation days (unless there are special circumstances preventing attendance). Players will play fun games during both allocation days. We will allocate players into winter season teams of between 9 and 12 players. Players will be notified of their allocation within 10 days of the allocation days.

Are allocation days the same as trials?

No. Our belief is that grading is not appropriate in junior grades (Grades 9-12), and so will aim to create balanced teams. Only the 10th grade Premier League team will be selected by ability in order to select a team that will be competitive in that grade). All other teams will be mixed ability. We advocate a no-trial approach at junior age level because:

  • Junior players are less equipped to rationalise their selection or non-selection easily.
  • It is difficult for selectors or coaches to predict future ability at such a young age.
  • It risks encouraging fixed mindset beliefs in players or parents.
  • Children are naturally competitive. Competitiveness can be harnessed but it does not need to be manufactured for them.

Who coaches an Infinity training / game day?

Training sessions - will be led by Infinity lead coaches who will plan, organise and facilitate each session. Game days - will be led by an Infinity facilitator. These facilitators will either be a KCU senior player, youth player or a parent. Facilitators will be provided clear guidance on how to organise match-day instructions, warm-ups and substitutions. Facilitators are not coaches, but will be supported with coach development and education opportunities if they wish to move into coaching.

What is the difference between an Infinity coach and an Infinity facilitator?

Coaches teach skills, team-play, and football behaviours at trainings. Facilitators organise the team to have fun at the game on the weekend. Why the difference:

  • Trainings should be a highly enjoyable and structured environment that promotes player coachability, good behaviour, maximum touches of the ball, and targeted skill development. This requires experienced and qualified coaching at all times to ensure all coaching interventions maximise improvement without compromising enjoyment.
  • Games should be fun-filled experiences where all players have complete freedom to express themselves. This requires a person who understands that their role is simply and purely to facilitate the fun. Junior players are to be given equal opportunity to play, they are to be rotated positions, and they are to receive support and guidance from the sideline free from coaching.